Child Nutrition Engagement Program

In recognition of the intimate relationship between a child’s nutrition and their development, Hays County Food Bank’s Child Nutrition Engagement Program will aim to fight hunger through dietary and nutritional awareness. In collaboration with local schools and school programs targeting children, the Child Nutrition Engagement Program will employ several different teaching tools to enrich the lives of young individuals, their families and the communities in which they live.

Food-Wise Cooking Classes

Food-Wise is a nutrition and hands-on cooking class for families, and it includes both children and adults. This cooking class focuses on the nutrient value of individual fruits and vegetables in a hands-on environment to demonstrate how to cook the particular fruits and vegetables being featured. We use fresh, seasonal items in this class. We also use this class to teach families how to use the foods they receive from the food bank in a healthy way. For example, we suggest trying black bean burgers instead of regular hamburgers. Food-Wise is once a month for our clients and their families at Chapultepec in San Marcos.
Sign up here. Class limited to first 16.

Senior Nutrition & Wellness Program

The Senior Nutrition and Wellness Program engages its participants with interactive lessons about food and budgeting.
Food & Money
Our Food and Money seminar covers how to stretch food resources and get the most out of every shopping trip.  
Health Initiative

In collaboration with volunteers, community-based organizations, and health care partners, we hold special demonstrations to encourage clients and the community to take charge of their personal health.



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